He Modern Rules Of West La Movers

Eyes Mary thank you fool now some questions about your family is that okay yes it’s okay have you got any brothers yes I’ve got three brothers two are older than me and one is younger that’s a big family I like big families five what about sisters how many sisters have you got four there are a lot of people in our house part three look at the pictures.

what did Paul do West La Movers last week listen and look there is one example hello Paul did you have a good week yes grandma I played a lot of sports what did you do on Tuesday on Tuesday I played hockey at school great can you see the line from the word Tuesday on Tuesday Paul played hockey at school now you listen and draw lines one what did you do on Thursday it rained that day I watched basketball on Thursday at school no I didn’t go to school that day I watched it on TV with dad it was an exciting game – I sometimes go swimming on Friday but not last week it was my friend’s birthday Oh what did you do we went to the cinema to see a film about someone who lived on an island.

Three and what did you do on Wednesday I went to the pool I was there all afternoon was it nice and sunny there yes it was a very hot day it was great there for and on Saturday it was basketball again at school with all my friends yes was it a good game yes it was we all enjoyed it five what did you do on Sunday I read a book that dad gave me on my birthday what was it about all about different sports I want to be a sports teacher one day grandma great idea now listen to part three again one what did you do on Thursday it rained.

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