How Tucson Ac Repair Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Though is to release it to atmosphere so you always have to be a licensed refrigeration technician to work with it that’s what Keith is hey Keith hey don’t rush thanks for helping us so what have you done so far so far what we’re doing is we’re covering all this refrigerant out of this particular unit using a recovery machine so sort of a giant.

vacuum pump exactly and then afterwards it gets stored into this recovery cylinder how long will it take to suck all the refrigerant out of this condenser into that canister out of this particular unit twenty minutes to a half hour or until both of these gauges are at zero pressure gauges all right you ready to go yes I am with all the refrigerant.

Gone we can now remove the old unit Keith will cut the copper line sets disconnect the electrical and remove the old unit here is our new three ton condenser good down alright let’s just slide this on all right with that in place now we just have to remake our connections all right we got the connections made on your new condenser outside now we have to think about inside and we got to get rid of this old coil and put a new one in and the important thing is that this.

Has to be the same size tonnage as the outdoor this is your new evaporator coil right here and it’s going to start by getting the old lines cut away so we get rid of the old coil good all right so now with the lines cut we just got to do whatever we got to do to get rid of this connection right here all right good once you come right to here let’s see if we can muscle this out of the way be careful there sharp edges on this metal okay wait careful.

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