Why Would a Man Want a Vasectomy Reversal?

So you’ve fathered several children, and now your life seems like smooth sailing. So why would a man want to go back and start over with babies, children and yes, even teenagers again? For some of us, this is a no way situation. Been there, done that.

But for others, getting the chance to go back in time and reversal what they might have felt to be a mistake is a gift. After all many men get a vasectomy not really because they’re done having children but because their relationship has moved to a new level, often with issues and problems that later evolve into a divorce. So there you are, single again reverse vasectomy and now madly in love with a young woman who oftentimes hasn’t had kids or would love to have children with you. Considering all of the options you have to pas on your own DNA, having a vasectomy reversal allows you all the good things to come with trying to make a baby.

As it turns out, anywhere from 2/3 thirds to 3/4 quarters of vasectomy reversals today in the US are performed on men who are in a new relationship and desire children with their new wives.

There is also a percent of couples that are still married and chose to have a vasectomy but regretted that decision and so decided to have a reversal so they can have more children together. This can be simply because they feel that they chose the vasectomy in haste, sometimes because they’ve come into a large amount of money and can now better afford more children, and sometimes they feel a void that needs to be filled because of the loss of a child.

Whatever the reason,a correctly performed microsurgical vasectomy reversal by a true urological micro surgeon can offer these couples a very high chance for success. In fact, it looks like in some specialty centers, your success can be as high as 99.5%. And even if it has been many years since your vasectomy, your success rate can still be very high. This means but you don’t have to spend astronomically large amounts of money and take the serious risks to the female and your babies that go along with the more invasive in vitro option. But be careful because there are many doctors that really aren’t true experts as well as many reversals performed by general urologists who perform only an occasional reversal rather than the real experts who do these every day.

It’s always smart to talk about the options, look at the various doctors, and find the one that will give you the very best chances per having children, whatever the reason.


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